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Shadow Lake Village is a planned Active Adult Community on 158 acres in the township of Middletown, Monmouth County. The post office is Red Bank, N.J. 07701. The Village was established in 1970 under the laws of the state and township and is situated on the north shore of Shadow Lake. There are 952 dwelling units grouped into 22 condominium areas, surrounding a 9-hole, par 3, golf course, an attractive Clubhouse, and other recreational facilities. There is an entrance gatehouse,

Shadow Lake Village is a planned, age-restricted condominium community for active adults. It has 952 dwelling units of some thirty different styles and is located on the North shore of Shadow Lake in Middletown Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.

This website was created under the direction of the Board of Trustees to make available a broad range of information about the Village. Some of this information is oriented toward the needs of the residents of Shadow Lake Village, but hopefully much of what follows will be interesting and useful to the community at large.

Please explore the links below to see what is currently available. This site is a work in progress. Check What's New for status and plans. Your comments and suggestions are welcome by email to the WebMaster. Please report any discrepancies to the WebMaster. As a volunteer job, there just isn't time for me to do a complete test against all available web browsers.

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New ACC Guidelines - Changes to non-carpet floors on upstairs units and ramps for the handicapped [Documents]

BOT schedule for 2009 [Schedules]


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General Information about Shadow Lake Village, including driving directions, contact information, etc.

Service Providers that help fill the needs of SLV residents and also support our website.

Photos of Shadow Lake Village and Its Environment.

Floor Plan layouts of various models, useful if you are considering a real estate transaction.

Reference Documents, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, etc. Stuff you should know about. Includes printable forms for resident requests and approvals.

Schedules of Condominium Association meetings and club activities. Includes agendas and minutes of meetings, when available.

Residents Only A password-protected page for more private information. No State secrets, but perhaps some names and telephone numbers that shouldn't be out on the World Wide Web.

FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions" You aren't the first one to ask that! Look here before you call.


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